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CT BBQ!!! 8/29!!
« on: July 25, 2004, 09:08:42 pm »
Ok everyone! Time for a BBQ at Burr pond!!
Date, 8/29
Time, Early till late
People? Inviting any of us that want to go, plus anyone from E4W!!! Hoping for a good crowd
I will do dogs and the charcol (however you spell it!) Gonna need burgers, ( I might do these too), chips and dips,  drinks,(beer, soda, etc), salads, Deano's meatballs, (hint, hint!) etc, etc.
It's a state park so no bottles or kegs!! I have no problem with people drinking, but it's YOUR prob if you have too much!
Let me know if you are coming and what you can bring, if nothing, don't sweat it, we are all broke! (lol Got to keep the trucks running!  )
Any questions, just let me know, I will copy this to the other states and to eastern.
Burr pond info,
Please reply in the Ct Thread!;action=display;threadid=40840
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