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late 70s steering columns
« on: May 19, 2020, 05:26:20 am »
Looking for some previous hands on experience before I go get my own. Looking at the parts book tells me that the columns changed between 78 and 79. Length of lower column from firewall to rag joint, connection between column and rag joint, length of shaft between rag joint and coupler, connection between coupler and steering gear.

Didn't entirely notice all the details until I was looking closely last night. I picked up 78 column complete from coupler to steering wheel. Turns out my 77 frankenram has a 79 column and maybe steering gear as parts book lists different gears 78 to 79 as well.

Is this a bolt in swap?? For right now I'm mostly concerned about coupler to gear because it changed from a clamp to a roll pin but any other it will / won't work would be nice to know before I go grab the wrenches.
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