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Vehicle Help / Re: Where to get a windshield in 2021
« Last post by jungle on Today at 05:28:07 am »
I got mine this year from a local glass shop that does windshields also.
I guess what I am trying to say is if you look at this picture

This is the scenerio where I am holding the brake so 12v (yellow) flows to both rear lights
and then the 12v left signal is activated.

You can see the red and yellow meet so the light would never turn off.

And if the signal switch was ground and not 12v, then both the left front and rear would join the red and stay on?

Im pretty confused hehe
Couple questions regarding the wiring diagram for the flashing system.

See picture 1
Im trying to understand how the Turn Signal Switch wiring diagram works. Its doesnt make any sense to me? I cannot get a flow of electricity no matter how I draw it.

Picture 2
The RED color shows the flow of power from the signal switch which is pulsing. It flows to the switch and switches to the front left and rear left in this example. But im not sure how it actually does it.

Picture 3
Yellow shows how the Brake Lights would put power to the rear lights. The wiring looks physical and no switching anywhere so how is it possible for the Rear Left to flash when the Brake lights are being pushed?

Can someone confirm the following.

1) The Turn Signal Pin is 12v to turn things on or is it grounded to turn it on?
I cant tell if the turn signal beside the fuse box in our trucks is actually the start or end of the circuit so not sure if its pumping 12v out or putting it to ground.

2) How do the brake lights not over-power the turn signals as 12v power is going to them the entire time when the brake is pushed according to these diagrams?
Vehicle Help / Re: Where to get a windshield in 2021
« Last post by dodge82273 on Today at 03:03:34 am »
 please be aware , safelite installers are not allways aware how the FRONT glass goes IN our dodges . they often install the rubber ON the glass , then rope it into frame ...  WRONG ... this often ends up with the upper 90 corners being unsealed , loose , out of place . the rubber should be placed into frame , with a stay soft sealer , then the glass gets roped into the rubber . masking tape is often used to hole the rubber in place where needed , and as the glass goes INTO rubber it just cuts the tape ..... this info is in all the FACTORY SERVICE MANUALS and not just my idea ....
Tin Foil Board / Re: Government Weed
« Last post by dodge82273 on Today at 02:50:05 am »
I wouldn't be surprised if the roots were in there too, 273.   ;D

 maybe,...  stems fer sure,  maybe its the stuff we see 'em pulling out of "grows" on TV shows .
Open Discussions / Re: Duddie's Adventure- Burnout Challenge!!!!
« Last post by mopar65pa on Today at 12:43:31 am »
LMBO!    {gloating}

That's PA from Nov to April.
Open Discussions / Re: They say that....
« Last post by mopar65pa on Today at 12:24:48 am »
Hot Blooded  --   Foreigner

Hot child in the city --- Nick Gilder
Tin Foil Board / Re: The Ten Stages of Genocide
« Last post by mopar65pa on Today at 12:19:41 am »
Projects / Re: 1977 RC 2WD near mint one owner...
« Last post by SuperBurban on Today at 12:06:30 am »
Could be. You do have me second guessing what I did. The main reason I went to the electric, is because of the long time between driving my trucks. I was having to clean out the crud from the bowls every other year, and also spend a good bit of time cranking to get the carb filled up with gas.
Projects / Re: 1977 RC 2WD near mint one owner...
« Last post by RCCADMAN on Yesterday at 11:53:58 pm »
Thats interesting, even on our 100+ days, I can shut off the trucks, and they will start right up when I come back. The only times I wait for the electric fuel pump to pressurize, is when they have been parked with the carb run dry. I guess I might need to pay more attention.
Reminder. You also pointed out that my fuel filter was right next to my exhaust manifold. That may have played a part. Also, I have not ventured out since putting the spacer on.

Your adapter/spacer coupled with your electric fuel pump probably ensures fuel when you need it.
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