Author Topic: 87 360 Swapped: It lives...Mostly  (Read 462 times)

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87 360 Swapped: It lives...Mostly
« on: April 22, 2020, 01:42:50 am »
Been about 78 days since the flatbed dropped this non op 87 off at my home.  Took some time...but I'm finally getting to enjoy the fruits of my labor.  I'll be honest though.  This was going to be a flip to make some money.  I got it for pretty low price, and I saw potential, and I have a garage full of ol 1st gen Dodge parts. so I jumped on it.  Hey, like 20 million others, I'm not working atm.  My woman fell in love with it first sight and told me I had to keep it.  So I did.  And here were are today.  Truck was originally a 318 model.  Is now a 360 swapped, headers, Edelbrock Performer intake and 1406 4bbl carb, 4" lifted on 33" Dick Cepek shoes on some classic 15" Turbines, LSD rear, manual hubs up front with a Spartan locker and Auto 727.  I have the rest of the chrome trim, badges and mirrors.  I took them off to do some bondo work and do a rough spray.  But I think Im going to remove the chrome and just go black.  We shall see.  -Cheers

Little shakedown today but mostly having fun  ;D


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    Re: 87 360 Swapped: It lives...Mostly
    « Reply #1 on: April 22, 2020, 02:56:40 am »
    Looks good!
    1988 RC.the gold one   pics
    1988 RC.440,4" lift,727 
    BIG BLOCKS RULE !!!!!!!
    440 pics