Author Topic: 2nd Annnal S. Idaho Ramcharger & Trailduster Meet & Trail Ride  (Read 878 times)

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here is a link to the facebook event

Anyone who loves the Dodge Ramcharger and Plymouth Trailduster is welcome to attend this event even if you do not own one. If you show up in a non Mopar vehicle be prepared to get ridiculed. Mopar or no car is a way of life. Every one is welcome to show up the day before which is Friday the 18th of 2017. We have several acres and can accommodate a few of the members here at our property whether you bring an RV or a tent. This is a family friendly non alcoholic event. We are non smokers but will have a smoking area for you to put your butts in. I will post links to motels and RV parks near us as well as attractions in our area and everything I know of going on that weekend outside this event. On the day of the event Saturday August 19th 2017 at 8 am we will leave from my house. If you want breakfast eat before 8 or eat on the road. Driver meeting at 7:45 AM. Where we go from there is still to be determined and will be voted on in the group. We have several options in the area. How the day goes after that will be play it by ear other than a picnic lunch somewhere along the trail mid day. Bring your own lunch. Who knows what time we will arrive back at my house. Plan is to be back before dark. When we get back we will have a pot luck BBQ diner. We have a couple of extra refrigerators that will be cold and ready to hold what you bring until time to cook. Anyone who wishes to spend the night is welcome to and then you can head out fresh on Sunday the 20th. We will require 1 FRS type radio in each vehicle for safety. Anyone who has extras please bring them for those who can not afford to buy one. FRS radio check will happen Saturday morning at 7:45 AM. Mechanics please bring your tools in case we have issues on the trail. I am sure I have missed some stuff so this will get updated as I think of stuff.
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