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Bucket Seats
« on: July 29, 2020, 01:01:16 pm »
Recently I just purchased an 87 RC. I would like to change out the buckets seats with some that recline. Back in the day I had a 93 RC which had nice reclining bucket seats. I would assume those would bolt right in, however I can't find a set. Has anyone swapped different seats into their RC (even from other makes). Any help on this is appreciated.



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    Re: Bucket Seats
    « Reply #1 on: July 29, 2020, 03:01:02 pm »
    There are some that fit and some that can be made to fit. There are a lot of threads on here about that. Use the search bar above and see what you can find. I have not done this yet so I am of no help, but others have.
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    Re: Bucket Seats
    « Reply #2 on: July 29, 2020, 10:59:46 pm »
    Full size Dodge vans up to 2000 or so are bolt in (same seat, different pedestal). I have heard some mini vans are close, but do not know years models, or what ever to look for.
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    Re: Bucket Seats
    « Reply #3 on: July 30, 2020, 08:14:15 am »
    The later RC seats are very cool and very hard to find, especially in the color you're looking for. Took me several years and a lot of miles through bone yards to snag my set. They do pop up from time to time on craigs or fb market place but generally for insane money on the later and of course, never within reasonable driving distance.

    I want to say that seats from B vans up to 2004 share the pedestal bolt pattern. One big problem with hunting in that field is the driver side outer bolster is often destroyed. High backs in cargo vans are pretty common but rarely with recline or arm rests. In some years they used the same seat back frame regardless of arm rest or not. If ya spot an other wise nice one, feel around for the armrest mount. It's not hard to feel if it's there. I've also stumbled across the more plush (thicker padding) passenger van seats transplanted to cargo vans.

    I did a lot of recon on minivan seats a year or two or go. The bolt pattern where the tracks meet the pedestal are close but not bolt in and somebody posted up recently about welding a simple bracket. They went on to say that the driving position was way wrong because of the seat base height. Mini van pedestals don't work at all well with RC floor pans. The other thing I discovered is that almost every one I looked at over the last couple generations had a rather annoying vague color that you really couldn't define as tan or grey with out looking at the plastic door panels.

    This place does have a pattern for making new upholstery for 80s vintage high backs and it looks dead on. Can be found on ebay as a complete set for front and back. Doesn't show up on their website but you can get just the fronts for reasonable money and if you go direct to the source, any material or color you want. Turn around time can be ugly depending on time of year. I've asked a few times about the later seats but they don't have the pattern so copying a donor would get pricey.

    I can tell ya straight up that big ol couch like buckets from 70s C bodies don't even come close to fitting. The scaled down version used in 80s M bodies should at least fit the cab but I seriously doubt them fitting the pedestal. The frame from the buddy seat buckets set up could help. There was an even smaller version of the same seat used in K-car 5th Aves that might be a pretty easy adaption on to RC bases but I think the seat itself is pretty small. Buckets from 70s B bodies are also pretty close to bolt in.

    While doing the minivan research the thing I did was make a cardboard template of the RC bolt pattern and randomly unbolted anything I could to see what was close. Really did find much of anything that was both bolt in and something I'd want to sit on. I will admit to walking past a lot of stuff that didn't have arm rests.
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