Author Topic: CL - Leonardtown, MD - 78 W200 Crew  (Read 376 times)

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CL - Leonardtown, MD - 78 W200 Crew
« on: May 3, 2020, 08:29:12 am »
Current ask is $9200. Could be a bit on the high side but ya know, find another one. Aside from the roof, looks like extremely minimal rust.

1978 Dodge W200, Super Rare Crew Cab Power Wagon, LOW MILES! 4WD

Super rare crew cab power wagon - a prepperís dream! This was a government specified vehicle used by a forest service fire department in Arkansas. Government ID and spec plates are still on the dash. Low miles Ė only 53,697 as of today! There will be a few more miles at delivery because the truck is driven at least weekly. Being a southern truck for most its life, there is minimal rust (see undercarriage photos). The truck was originally Army green, but was painted red by the fire department.

This truck features a very heavy duty, full time 4wd system. It is always in 4wd. The transfer case has neutral, Hi, Hi Lock, Lo, and Lo Lock. The lock position locks the transfer case differential when off-road. In lo-lock, this truck is a mountain goat. Has a 318 V-8 with a two barrel carb. 727 3-speed auto transmission. The axles have 4.10 gears,which is how you get the power out of a small V-8. The trade-off is a low top speed. This truck wonít go much faster than 60 on the highway, and I keep it in the mid-50ís range when Iím on the highway. The National speed limit was 55 mph when this truck was built, and thatís the most it is happy doing!

I installed a Reese hitch a couple years ago with the intent to haul a boat, but never did haul anything with it. The hitch is essentially still new.

Iíve owned the truck for about 9 years. Iíve put a lot of new parts on it mostly associated with the pure age of the truck. A partial list of parts Iíve replaced over the years include a new set of Firestone Transforce tires (still good tread on tires) including the spare, fuel pump, water pump, belts, alternator, voltage regulator, coil, rotor and cap, rebuilt carb, u-joints, pinion seals, motor mounts and transfer case mounts, new printed circuit card behind instruments, spark plugs, and more.

This truck is in its stock set-up. Stock suspension, wheels, and tire size. You could keep this truck as is and use it for many years. Itís simple, easy to work on, and I will include the factory service manuals. You could restore it. You could call Mr. Edelbrock and Mr. Holley and easily bump the power of this engine to support oversize tires and gain some highway speed. Or you could make it wild with a 12-valve Cummins, lifted suspension, and big mudder tires. I had a lot of plans for it, but I have 4 young kids and just havenít had the time to do more than keep it a well running third vehicle.

A few items to note: there is some surface rust on a couple of lower brackets on the seat benches and some light rust along the interior roof above the driver side (see photo). The truck needs a new paint job. There is fading and is crackling and flaking throughout, exposing the original green paint underneath. You canít fix the paint by compounding, so Iíve never tried. Iíve never waxed the truck, so itís good and ready for new paint. There is about a dime size hole from corrosion on the quarter panel behind the rear passenger wheel well (see photo where the yellow arrow is pointing). There is also some rust that has formed on the roof along the front driverís side corner (see photo). The window and door rubber needs attention, and the rubber mounts too. The original vehicle jack and tire iron are long gone. Lastly, the rear heater leaked and needs re-cored, so I removed the hoses to it. The fan for the rear heater has its own switch and still works. In southern Maryland, Iíve always gotten enough heat from the standard dash heater.

Local pickup only (no shippers!). Clear title. Will meet at a local bank for monetary transaction and title transfer. Additional photos available upon request.
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    Re: CL - Leonardtown, MD - 78 W200 Crew
    « Reply #1 on: May 4, 2020, 10:01:02 am »
    Crews are hard to find, but man don't know if I would pay that much for that much roof rot? Don't know if I am happy to see these prices or not.  Seems to be in pretty good shape and low miles. 

    Would love to have a crew for the family but one more truck and I might be single.

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    Re: CL - Leonardtown, MD - 78 W200 Crew
    « Reply #2 on: May 4, 2020, 11:57:34 am »
    Roof/windshield area definitely gonna need some attention.  I'm guessing rain can drip in around the windshield seal at that point.  Looks solid and unfortunately here in the rust belt,  our trucks are bringing pretty high numbers.  I guess it is nice for the ones we already own...
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