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2005 Cummins exhaust brake wiring
« on: July 5, 2020, 09:29:44 am »
I have the shifter mount MOPAR Jacobs exhaust brake on my truck. It has the shifter mounted switch, but the plastic has cracked and now it rattles so loud itís driving me nuts. I bought a complete MOPAR dash mount retrofit kit and then realized I didnít want to hack the brand new harness together (the kit includes the whole shebang like you are installing the exhaust brake for the first time), so then I bought a generic billet exhaust brake push button switch (billet automotive switches out of Australia- really nice quality).

Hereís my issue- the shifter mount switch has 4 wires going to it. The ďretrofitĒ switch only has three and the instructions for that donít distinguish what wire is what. I want to just splice in the new billet switch in without removing the whole harness. Here is the old shifter switch, the the new switch wiring, and the new switch. Any help appreciated:

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