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system fix-fix
« on: December 11, 2011, 11:04:23 pm »
I was the proud recipeint of the system fix garbage. It looked as all of the files were gone. What I found it does is marks all of the folders as hidden, restricts access to the folders and some registery changes.
 I dont remember how (I think it was a large repair program on a partion) but I got to a folder which led me to getting to a drive and checked the properties by right click and properties.  The "hidden" box was checked in the general tab, uncheck that and clicking on the security tab and a message of " You do not have permission to view or edit- blah, blah, blah". I clicked ok, and it showed nothing under the groups or user names.
Clicked advanced in the lower right, then owner tab, and it showed no owners. clicked administrators, checked "replace owners on subcontainers..." box and apply. Up comes " You do not have permission blah,blah, blah" click yes, ok and ok on properties.
You should be able to see the files.
I saved what info I wanted and at this point, I should have disconnected all of the drives except for C, which I reinstalled XP on. winders decided it didnt like something in the files of the other drives and changed something, so had to redo the other drives.

After going through all of the above plus the many hours of figuring it all out, I double checked some of the files and add some permissions and took out any that that said "everybody".
Go back to the properties, securitiy, add, advanced, find now, then add the user names that can access this drive, folder or file ( more on that later ), ok, ok, a window pops up asking for which permissions you want, on the bottom check apply these permissions..., ok,  on the bottom of the permissions window I checked "inherit from parent..." and "replace permission entries..." and apply.
I then checked each user for the permissions I wanted them to have ( mine were all full control) then clicked ok and ok.

After all of this dinking around I decided to watch something I forgot I had, Dave the Barbarian.  Access denied. So I had to redo everthing on this folder once again. 
The thing that saves time is check the things that will do all of the files. And remember that for some reason it does not always do all of them. It took many hours but saved a bunch of info.
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