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What size is my Dana 60 pinion nut?

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Got er Done!!  Thanks for the info. Scoots.  I wouldnt actually use a ratchet on a pinion  I just put that in there because i was trippin on the $80 price tag for the ratchet. Ive never shopped the 3/4" section until now....ouch!  :o  I got lucky though at work and won our college basketball picks pot....made a trip to Northern Tool Equip. they opened up around the corner from work and bought myself a 9 pc. 3/4" impact deep socket set and an adapter to fit the socket to my 1/2" breaker bar. Of course to break the SOB lose i had to pull out the cheater pipe. Then had to run down to Orielly's and borrow a hub puller to pop that yoke loose. Tappin on it with the hammer wasnt going to work. It went back together pretty smooth and i think i got the nut real close to the torgue it was before. Now just got to work on haveing a driveshaft built.


--- Quote from: 89PWRRAM on March 26, 2006, 05:02:47 PM --- Thanks guys i had a feeling it was 1 5/16". Looks like i'm gonna hit some pawn shops for a cheap 3/4" drive set up.  New 3/4" drive 1 5/16" socket at Sears $18. 3/4" drive ratchet $80. Hopefully i can find a used 3/4" drive socket at a pawn shop and an adapter to fit it to my 1/2" drive torgue wrench. If not, one 4x4 shop wants $80 to switch the yokes out for me. Thanks again for the info.

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They do make a 3/4 to 1/2 reducer I have on for my spindle nut socket for my rear 60 I think I got mine at Napa auto parts, hope it helps.


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