Author Topic: 1985 Dodge D150 Royal SE Prospector  (Read 8949 times)

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1985 Dodge D150 Royal SE Prospector
« on: November 13, 2007, 11:33:55 AM »
I just bought a 1985 Dodge D150 Royal SE Prospector from a good neighbor.  It's got 176,000 miles on the 5.9L engine and has been sitting for about 18 months.  It starts and runs good, but there are a few problems that I need YOUR help with.  Keep in mind that I am CLUELESS with regards to automotive operation and repair.  I am planning on changing the oil/filter and the antifreeze and adding a can of fuel system cleaner.

Problem 1: the vehicle speed dropped off steadily and ultimately stalled out going up a hill.  I suspect that either the fuel filter is clogged and/or the fuel pump needs replaced.

Problem 2: the warm/cold temperature selector for the hvac system will not budge from the cold position.  Sounds to me like the cable is "frozen" and the application of some oil would solve this problem.  I kind of need heat in the Winter, but don't know where to apply the oil.

Problem 3: when the battery is attached, the horn activates.  I temporarily "solved" the problem by removing the fuse, but that circuit also controls the interior lights and radio.  I suspect a loose (ground?) wire or a wire gnawed by rodents, but don't know how to track down the problem.

Any help you can provide will be immensely appreciated as I'm dirt poor at the moment... my wife and I have been building our own house, mostly without help, for 4 years now.  That's why we could only afford a $200 truck.


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    Re: 1985 Dodge D150 Royal SE Prospector
    « Reply #1 on: November 13, 2007, 05:57:21 PM »
    howdy and welcome

    # 1 yes on the filter

    # 2 the cable you can either LUBE or get a NEW/used one

    # 3 its probly the horn  contacts in the steering wheel pad
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    Re: 1985 Dodge D150 Royal SE Prospector
    « Reply #2 on: November 13, 2007, 10:26:34 PM »
    fuel filter won't hurt anyway, but any I've had issues would start bucking rather than just slowing.  But the filter would be worth replacing.  Sitting that long, the gas could be bad too.  Run it down if you can then top off with some good gas after you replace the filter. 

    Assuming it's an automatic transmission, did it downshift when going up the hill?

    on the heater cable, assuming it's like my base model . .empty the glove box and pull the soft plastic in enough that the stop will clear the top of the dash so you can pull it all the way out towards you.  Then you can see the heater box, may have to hold up some insulation.  On the top you should find the other end of the cable hooking to a rod.  Try and move it by hand, hit it with some WD-40 or similar and try to shoot some up the sleeve on the cable.  May just need freed up a bit that way (mine was crudded badly when I bought it).  Getting to the other end (behind the controls) can be a hassle, not real hard though.  Try the easy end first.

    the horns are mounted between the grill and radiator.  You can disconnect them at the horn for now, but tape the wire ends so they don't short out on something.  On a factory steering wheel there's two small hex head screws on the back to remove the center portion.  Pull it and see if something doesn't look right (been a long time, can't describe much inside the cover).
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    Re: 1985 Dodge D150 Royal SE Prospector
    « Reply #3 on: November 13, 2007, 10:59:48 PM »
    Hope you like your truck as much as I like mine.  Sounds like our trucks are very similar!

    Was the engine cold or warm when it was stalling out?  How long had you been driving it before that happened?

    If you want to learn to be a mechanic, shop manuals are indespensible.  These manuals give a step by step guide to fix problems.  The cheap ones Haynes, Chiltons, etc. are a good start and easily found.  The factory manuals are considerably thicker and much better.  These also cost more, even used.

    Nice group of folks here who are very willing to answer questions.  Some of them know a LOT about Dodges!  Good luck with your new truck!!
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    Re: 1985 Dodge D150 Royal SE Prospector
    « Reply #4 on: November 14, 2007, 01:48:49 AM »
    Classic signs of a bad mechanical fuel pump or flow from the tank is problems when goin uphill. Replace filter first.

    As mentioned, the cable or door under the dash may be frozen or binding.

    Pull the horn relay out of the fuse box and reinstall the fuse.
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    Re: 1985 Dodge D150 Royal SE Prospector
    « Reply #5 on: November 14, 2007, 02:07:44 AM »
    Your right on #1.  Pump and filter are cheap enough and probably do need replacing.  Buy quality parts and get factory service manual - and you can do about anything - and lots of resources here - label parts until you've had some experience - when possible take one side apart at a time, you can look at other side when you forget.
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    Re: 1985 Dodge D150 Royal SE Prospector
    « Reply #6 on: November 14, 2007, 09:28:18 AM »
    the hot water valve for you heater may be frozen into one position by sitting for so long.  it may have rusted inside if it is metal (I don't know if they are or not).  or it could be worse, like the problem i had with my previous truck, stop leak in the coolant (heater core had a leak) and the truck sat for a year and a half before i bought it. the stop leak solidified into a brownish red clay thicker than half dried mud.
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