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AMC 360 Swap?

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willy J:
this is from my Mopar Performance chassis book

the 360 AMC V-8 engine in snot related to the small block 360 LA engine or the 5.9L magnum engine

for information on the 360 AMC engine refer to Jeep Engines 3rd edition (P5007161)

ok. with that said the AMC 360 has the distributor in the front. its bore and stroked is 4.08x3.44

the Mopar 360 has the distributor in the rear and has a bore and stroke of 4.00x3.58

so strictly by luck of the numbers of the formula to figure engine displacement they have the similiar namesake.
you also have to remember even though mopar owns AMC now back then they didnt and AMC had a lot of engines that sounded like other stuff, 327, 360, 390.....

there is no similarity beteen the 2 engines short of the fact that they are internal combustion engines.

l,m tell,in ya / put an AMC 304 or 360 next to a Ford 302 or 351 and you would have a hard time tell,in them apart

Oh I can tell them apart, the AMC engines are physically bigger. The 302 Furd is actually a very compact motor. As far as the 351, that depends. Furd made three different 351s, the 351M has big block-like dimensions.


i dont see any similarity between a ford small block and an amc engine other than they both have front mounted amc 360 isnt a bad engine,but i wouldnt bother putting one in anything other than a jeep.

Trouble Maker:
 With the distributor on the front but angled opposite to a big block Dodge you could always tell everyone it was a rare English big block made for the opposite side of the road. lol


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