Author Topic: 46rh band adjustment  (Read 1414 times)

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46rh band adjustment
« on: June 2, 2011, 04:22:14 AM »
ok so ive been thinking about adjusting the bands on my transmission to firm up the 1-2 shift, it acts like it is slipping a bit but im thinking its just out of adjustment. i had the fluid and filter done whilegetting some exhaust work done and didnt think to do it then. what im wondering is whether is if its wise to adjust just the front band and not the rear one? i dont want to pull the y pipe to drop the pan again. id really like my 1-2 shift improved, but not if its going to burn out my tranny by doing just the front


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    Re: 46rh band adjustment
    « Reply #1 on: June 2, 2011, 08:39:12 AM »
    It won't hurt to do just one........but you should do both if they need it.  ;)

    You're absolutely correct, Kendall. My mistake  ;D