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exactly. usually the drivers side cab mount tends to rot out along with the floor pan since the drivers side is always used so much. water heads to the lowest point and takes the dirt with it. plus if you have a ramcharger locating a new shell in better shape and then swapping it can be easier said than done. the rear cab mounts on my 93 are in mint shape but the front ones were rusted out. took a week to cut/sandblast and weld in all the new metal but got it done.
I forget this is Ramcharger central not Dodge pickup truck central. I understand.
Vehicle Help / Re: fuel sending unit
« Last post by dodge82273 on Today at 03:10:17 AM »
I'm thinking so ,  yes , I put one in a P/U and filling it was a costly event , 30+ gallons from the comfort zone on the gauge every time .
Vehicle Help / Re: Transmission pan screws
« Last post by dodge82273 on Today at 02:48:52 AM »
ta each his own ,  the wiring usually takes it , what does fall apart is the vacume manifold by the heater controlls.
 you may be able to remove the plastic clear cover with the gauge cluster IN place ? there is a tiny cable that operates the prndl   red needle , study that before taking it apart ....
Vehicle Help / Re: 93 W250 Rear Suspension Help!!
« Last post by dodge82273 on Today at 02:45:15 AM »
too slow is sayin do a complete lookie see . yes stock drums you have work fine . if you take them off and look you'll see there is alot of unused drum on either side of the smaller shoes . If they still measure good , you could just have them turned to remove the ridges , save a dollar ? maybe ?

  brakes : hardware kit ( springs self adjuster cable hold downs )
               brake shoe adjusters ( left and right )
               set of 12/x3 shoes
               new or cut/trued drums
               wheel cylinders for 12x3 brakes 
   you can make your own brake lines , buy a roll of 3/16ths tube and a double flair tool ( read the instruction/pictures ) and a box of double flair nuts . ( put the nut on before ya flair it ( duh happens all the time)
  wheel ends : check wheel bearings replace as required
                    2 wheel seals ( speedie sleeves are available to repair worn seal surfaces of axle tube if need )
                    2 new hub nut locks ( U shape tin thing ) if needed .

 the only other thing I would do is buy a Factory Service Manual  dodge   book  not haynes or some other aftermarket one ......... especially given you are not a mechanic persay .   
Vehicle Help / Re: Bilstein 5100 or 5165?
« Last post by u2slow on Today at 01:07:18 AM »
I went with Bilsteins (5125 series) after Rancho 5000's to try and improve the ride. Can't really tell the difference IMO. I have fairly stiff springs though.
Vehicle Help / Re: Manual to power windows / locks questions.
« Last post by SuperBurban on Today at 12:35:51 AM »
I think it was 88, where they drastically changed the windows and locks. Got rid of the troublesome lock solenoid, and relay, and went to actual switches for the locks, instead of using the lock button movement.

The separate harness runs against the firewall, behind the defroster duct, and goes from door to door, and connects to the main harness behind the heater control. I know it definitely changed for the 88 year, but think it also changed several times with the changes in wiring harness connectors.

If the parts truck is the older style, I would not bother, too troublesome, and you cannot get the lock switch & solenoid if they break down, which they do. I would be surprised if they work in the parts truck.
Vehicle Help / Re: Repair manual RamCharger V8 5.9L 1992.
« Last post by Elwenil on Yesterday at 11:17:29 PM »
Keep in mind there are differences in the MDM and USDM versions of the Ramcharger.  Most of the information in a US FSM should apply to the Mexican version but there will be some differences, most likely in the emissions and we know the rear axle is different.
Vehicle Help / Re: Manual to power windows / locks questions.
« Last post by ToxicDoc on Yesterday at 10:47:59 PM »
I added power locks and windows. The donor vehicle (I think it was an '87) had a separate sub harness for it. I just had to supply a relay and a connection to power (plus drill holes in doors, etc)
Technical Discussion / Re: 74-80 Ramcharger fuel sending unit
« Last post by cragdweller on Yesterday at 10:42:21 PM »
Great, thanks!  I'll let  know how it works...
Vehicle Help / Manual to power windows / locks questions.
« Last post by Night Train on Yesterday at 10:30:21 PM »
Just a couple of questions.
I found myself another RC. Not the 4x4 I wanted but a clean 2wd.
It has manual windows and locks. I found a wrecked RC with power windows and locks.
Besides the regulators,motors,switches and mounting hardware all I need is the wiring harness from the doors correct?
I DOT have to rewire everything under the dash do I?
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