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Jacobs Mileage Master Ignition

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--- Quote from: ramchargertodd on February  4, 2003, 09:11:44 AM ---

Well all ignition systems are inductive. They use a step-up transformer to produce the high voltage.  But the method of producing the multi-spark is capactive.  So if it is a multi spark ignition it is a CD which the Mileage Master is.  

--- End quote ---

Here is an exact quote from Chris Byrd at Jacobs:
"Our product line includes both capacative discharge and inductive type ignitions.
Our Omni series is a single spark inductive ignition, our Mileage Master series is an inductive Multi spark, our Pro series, ie. Pro Street, Pro ten, Marine Master, and iCE PAK ignitions are Capacative Discharge Multi spark".

I know it seems odd to have a multi spark inductive ignition because of the longer rise time inherent in inductive ignitions,  but this is what he told me. I assume he knows what he is talking about. I think I will try to find out for sure by testing  mine.

Yeah, the milage master and the off road kit look nice, I'm going to save up for the offroad kit even though jacobs ignitions run for more money, from what I've heard their worth it,
And yes, according to their site it is multiple spark inductive (but the offroad kit is capacitive).

my only question on the jacobs stuff is, does the place you are getting it from keep parts in stock? I was told it can take a while to get parts in, it would suck if the truck is down waiting for parts.

I dont want to start a flaME war, BUT I need to give my .02.
I installed a Jacobs Ultra team on my 1990 dodge W150, with a 360TBI. The truck immediatle woke up, it idled better and got a little better mileage. Here is down side.
After 6 months the truck spuutered and died. The Ultra coil went bad, I changed the coil to have the Jacobs iginition module die a month later. At that point I switched to an Accel setup, but left the jacobs plug wires. 2 months later The Jacobs plug wires fell apart, I mean literally the insulation was just cracked and peeling everywhere! This engine does not get warm. I have never had something last this poorley.

Damn! :o Never had a problem with my coil or computer. I did have a wire get brittle at the boot, but this was after some overheating problems.
I guess shit happens, I bought 2 wheel cylinders from Autozone, and both leaked!!!


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