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Two Wheels
« on: February 28, 2017, 07:50:51 PM »
It's old (1997), but it's still fast.

Engine is getting a bit tired at 50k miles, and it won't stay in 1st.
I have another engine/tranny to swap in as soon as I have the garage floorspace.

I bought it when I wore out my first-gen Ninja 900, rode about two months before I went to do standard PM.
Found the POS had cross-threaded a spark plug in the head. Steel is stronger than aluminum, right? Sadly, broke off the threaded bottom of the plug in the head, and that sidelined it for about three years because I was doing a lot of consulting work, and never home. Had the old pipe cut out using EDM, and a helicoil in there. Not convinced it really holds all the pressure, though compression test says otherwise.

Fun in the mountains.

Oh, the minor body damage is from a roommate who tried using the bike as a stepladder, and tipped it over.

- Jim
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