Author Topic: Windshield wiper linkage-Wiper Arm Bushing failure  (Read 15736 times)

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Windshield wiper linkage-Wiper Arm Bushing failure
« on: November 28, 2004, 09:07:46 PM »
Title:  Wiper Arm Bushing failure

Weak Link:  Wiper arm bushings

Models Affected:  74-93 Trucks/Ramcharger/Traildusters

What happens:  The plastic bushing dry rots and breaks allowing the the linkage to come apart and the windshield wiper to fail.

Strong Fix: Go to you local parts store. Orielly, Autozone, or Napa. Buy the replacement bushing and use a little lithium grease on each of the bushings. This will slick them up enough where they won't bind or break. There is also a misc bushing kit from Help with a part number 14041 that contains a bushing that will work.

Cheap Permanent Fix:  You can pull the linkage and drill a small diameter hole in the pivot points.  Then install washers and cotter pins.  


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